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Frequently Asked Questions

​How Do I Place An Order?​

You can place an order on the main SHOP page of the website. Click on a product then go to the shopping cart to complete the process. You can also email us at or call us at 404-931-5535 and we can assist over the phone as well. 


Payment & Shipping

Shipping/Handling is a flat $6.50 per order for ground transport and you can ship to anywhere in the US.  If you need international destinations or special handling be sure to contact us at


How Do I Wash a Boncho?

We're Moms, of course you can wash your boncho in the washer.  We suggest mild detergent and tumble dry low for best results and longevity.



Can a Boncho be worn to bed?

NO!  Bonchos are wearable blankets to be worn while supervised.  They are not to be worn to bed and they are not to be used as bedding.  Our fabrics are NOT Flame Retardant and thus not certified for sleepwear.


Returns & Refunds

Returns of non-custom Bonchos are accepted.  Please contact us at for instructions on how to return your Boncho hassle free.



Thank you for shopping with us!
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